JSC Hydromash

Plant of Hydraulic Mechanical Engineering open joint stock company
Main activities: production and sales of products of technological appointment and consumer goods.

The made production, services:
- hydraulic cylinders
- pneumatic cylinders
- saddle coupling devices
- spare parts to agricultural cars

Additional information on the organization
JSC Hydromash plant Mr. Kobrin (the former Kobrin repair plant) - one of the oldest enterprises of the city. The plant conducts the history from small workshops on repair of the cars and agricultural machinery created in the city in 1940. In 1950 workshops were reorganized into Kobrin repair plant. Since 1959 the plant began to specialize in capital repairs of GAZ-51 and their units. In 1967 the new foundry shop is constructed.

From 1973 to 1976 reconstruction of plant was made. Since 1976 cooperation with the Minsk tractor plant on production of towing devices to the MTZ-80 tractors began. During 1983-1985 there is a further reconstruction of plant - new shops are under construction: forge and thermal, agricultural cars, site of steel exact molding. At this time new types of production accustom: KShP-8 cultivator, a rack of a diesel cultivator of KCh-5.1, the bunker reception BP-3, a valkodavatel-sorter of stones of VKP-4.5, KVK-4 cultivator-grebneobrazovatel, saddle devices to the MAZ truck tractors.

In 1987 the plant began a production reshaping. And in 1988 let out the first hydraulic cylinders of KC-25661K-1.83.700 and Ts22 to the Resident of Ivanovo truck crane. From now on the plant began to expand the nomenclature of hydraulic cylinders and to increase the program of their release. In March, 1997 the Kobrin repair plant was transformed to Plant of Hydraulic Mechanical Engineering open joint stock company Mr. Kobrin (JSC Hydromash Mr. Kobrin). Society is registered by Brestky regional executive committee of 26.09.2000 in the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for No. 200093330.

Today JSC Hydromash Mr. Kobrin is the leading modern enterprise on development, production and delivery of hydraulic cylinders for all complex of a national economy of Republic of Belarus, and also sedelno-coupling devices to MAZ cars. Thanks to new technologies, materials and consolidations, to computer design and production of details on modern machines with ChPU, quality of hydraulic cylinders conforms to high requirements of today.

In 2004 to plant the certificate of conformity is appropriated to requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001. The JSC Hydromash plant Mr. Kobrin was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of various degree for high quality of hydraulic cylinders.

At the enterprise are mastered and hydraulic cylinders with diameters of sleeves, mm are issued:
- from 25 to 160 (piston)
- from 87 to 167 (telescopic)

Diameter of rods, mm:
- from 16 to 90.

The main consumers of production of JSC Hydromash Mr. Kobrin in Republic of Belarus are RUP "MTZ", JSC MAZ, RUP "Gomselmash", JSC Lidaagroprommash, and also a number of the CIS countries and foreign countries: Russian Federation, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Vietnam.

Phones: 375(1642)2-23-84

Address: Republic of Belarus, 225304, Brest region, Mr. Kobrin, Sovetskaya St., 109


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